We Love Talent

Welcome to the We Love Talent. This contest celebrates the diverse and talented individuals across Asia, showcasing their unique skills and passions. Participants from all over Asia will be invited to showcase their talents in various categories, such as singing, dancing, cooking, art, sports, technology, and more.

Meet our Judges

Victoria NG

Her culinary journey began in her grandmother's kitchen, where she developed a deep appreciation for traditional Asian flavors and cooking techniques.

Nick Kung

As a judge, he brings a keen eye for technical precision, artistic expression, and innovation, making him an invaluable asset to the dance category.

Lennard Tan

Expertise in various music genres and her passion for promoting emerging talents make her an ideal judge for the singing category.

Adrian Tan

He is the founder and CEO of a leading technology company that has pioneered groundbreaking innovations in various fields.

Voting Categories




Art and Crafts



Cultural Performances

Comedy and Entertainment

Special Talents

Technology and Innovation

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